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  YongKangAoxin Technology Co., Ltd is located in China Hardware City-YongKang, ZheJiang. The company is a high-tech enterprise that specializes in R&D (Research and development) of catalysts for catalytic purification of VOCs(volatile organic compounds)and motor vehicleexhaust.
  The company has an experienced R&D team of senior professional staffs in catalysis and nanometer material, and established a broad cooperative relationship with domestic research institutes. Prepared by thecombination of perovskite composite oxides with rare earth nanometer materials, high catalytic performance composite perovskite catalystsare developed.Compared with noble metal catalysts, our catalysts show more excellent resistance to aging, water vapor, sulfur chloride poisoning and high temperature sintering besides high activity. These catalysts are successfully applied in purification of VOCs and vehicle exhaust, and in the area of civil heating, gas stove, fume purification, industrial heating and drying,etc.. It makes the practical applicationof perfect technology ‘catalytic combustion’realized.
  With the spirit of ‘Serving market based on sci-technical innovation’, Aoxin constantly enhances technological element of productsby the integration of new material, new technology and new technique, and brings our customers ‘High-efficiency,energy-saving, environment-protective’ products and the most direct benefit.
  Aoxin adheres to the ‘honesty, law-abiding’ business philosophy, and sticks to the way of revitalizing enterprise by science and technology and serves the society with the first-class product on the basis of constant innovation and forge ahead with determination, and seeks common development with all colleagues.
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